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The air handler intervention at Chris Guignon’s house was one of the first that ROCIS performed.

It was a good opportunity to learn, and it made a significant impact on the particle and comfort levels in the Guignon household.

Check out the technical details below.

Note: All costs were calculated in 2017; costs will fluctuate with changing energy prices.

Intervention Summary


  • Oversized ¾ HP blower

  • Heating mode was shutting down on high limit

  • Watt-draw of 1,470 W (continuous & AC mode)

  • Significant restrictions from 1” filter & duct systems

  • Total external static pressure (TESP): 239 Pa

  • Air movement through the duct system was too low

  • 2nd floor was uncomfortable in the winter and summer

  • Cost of operating blower continuously: $1,000 kWh/month → $120/month



  • Installed new blower (Digi Motor Constant Torque ECM) to lower energy use, provide more control over the settings, and optimize airflow.

  • Modified return air system to increase airflow, specifically by adding a larger return drop and sealing the return duct in the basement.

  • Added a horizontal filter slot in the filter drop to accommodate a larger and deeper MERV 13 filter.

  • Much better filtration from continuous fan operation

  • Post-intervention watt-draw: 120 W (in continuous mode). In AC mode, the improvements were also significant: a reduction of 840 W

  • Post-intervention TESP: 79 Pa

  • Improved comfort on the 2nd floor from continuous flow

  • Cost of operating new motor in continuous (24/7) mode: $12.50/month

Chris Air handler images
Chris working in basement

Without this intervention, it would have been very expensive for Chris to run his air handler continuously. But with a new motor, the watt-draw dropped to a fraction of where it started.

Pre Post Watt Draw Data
Chris & his daughter

Prior to participating in the Low Cost Monitoring Project, Chris and his wife used an air cleaner in their daughter’s bedroom. Austin air cleaner.

They added a second air cleaner to their bedroom to reduce the particle levels even further and to complement the impact of the central filtration.

Austin Healthmate filter

Portable Air Cleaners

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