Low-Cost Monitoring Resources

Low-cost monitors are central in the ROCIS Initiative. We know how empowering it can be to put data into the hands of residents and building owners. The resources on this page can help you understand the different kinds of air monitors available, identify tools for processing the data they provide, and point to resources about how monitoring can help your community.

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ROCIS Data Tools

We offer participants in the LCMP several tools to manage and interpret the data produced by their air monitors. These ROCIS resources help visualize data in the form of graphs, charts, and maps.

Low Cost Monitoring Project (LCMP)

ROCIS welcomes cohorts of residents, homeowners, and business owners into a free low-cost monitoring program on a regular basis. Participants in this program use low-cost monitors, provided by ROCIS, to learn about indoor air quality and take action to improve it.

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Air Sensor Toolbox

This EPA site offers a variety of resources focused specifically on low-cost monitors. You will find guides to placing your air monitor as well as tools for visualizing your data.

EPA.gov: Air Sensor Toolbox

Air Topics

Broaden your understanding of air quality and its impact on health and the environment by exploring the EPA’s resources on topics such as CO2 pollution, radon, mold, transportation, and more.

EPA.gov: Air Topics

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IAQ Monitors Presentation at the 2021 EEBA High Performance Home Summit (for Passive House California)

Building on a presentation compiled for the RESNET Building Performance Conference by Joe Medosch, this comprehensive video on indoor air quality monitors, assembles insight from numerous leaders in home energy and low cost monitoring, including ROCIS team leader, Linda Wigington.

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Wildfire Smoke Adjustment Factors for Low-Cost and Professional PM2.5 Monitors with Optical Sensors

Although this article is specifically targeted to addressing air pollution from wildfires, the results do have applications to our region with polluted air.

Wildfire Smoke Adjustment Factors Article

Low-Cost Home Air Quality Monitors Prove Useful for Wildfire Smoke

This newsletter from the Berkeley Lab provides additional context and insight into the “Wildfire Smoke Adjustment Factors” study.

Berkeley Lab Newsletter