Insights From and Implications of the ROCIS Low-Cost Monitoring Project

Part of our mission at ROCIS is to build a network of stakeholders in the region who recognize the impact of poor ambient air quality on indoor spaces. ROCIS stakeholders include practitioners, researchers, product developers, contractors, advocates, and more. Our stakeholder meetings bring together a wide range of organizations and individuals—with expertise in everything from environmental health to social justice to air quality monitoring—to share what we know and identify opportunities to collaborate.

The focus of this meeting was to glean insights from the ROCIS LCMP cohorts, both by reviewing data and learning from participants’ experiences. We wanted to know: could our data analysis tools complement real-time feedback to achieve the highest possible impact? We were also curious to know how our monitors were affecting participants. Does the data actually empower people to reduce their exposure to particles? We looked not only at how the different homes in our studies compared to one another, but we also gauged how they compared to an aspirational target and even to themselves over a period of time.

Participants in the meeting were asked to provide input on reports that would be sent to residents, identify key questions that need to be addressed to clarify the appropriateness of certain technical or behavioral interventions, and clarify both barriers and opportunities in moving initiatives forward.


An introduction to the LCMP and the principles underlying what we do:

Learning From ROCIS Monitoring Results

Don Fugler
Slides (PDF)       Video (MP4)         Audio (MP3)
15 mins

Occupant Behavior: Citizen Science & the ROCIS Program

Melissa Bilec
Slides (PDF)       Video (MP4)        Audio (MP3)
5 mins

 Woods, Weatherization, & What’s For Dinner?

Jeaneen Zappa
Video (MP4)        Audio (MP3)
8 mins

Putting ROCIS on the Map

Bill Collinge
Slides (PDF)       Video (MP4)        Audio (MP3)
28 mins

ROCIS Particulate Monitoring Data & Analysis

Greg Fanslow
Slides (PDF)       Video (MP4)        Audio (MP3)
28 mins

LCMP Participant Experiences:

How Outdoor Contaminants Relate to the Indoor Environment

Greg Wozniak
Slides (PDF)       Video (MP4)        Audio (MP3)
5 mins

What’s Cooking: Poor Air Quality in My Kitchen

Kirk Jalbert
Slides (PDF)       Video (MP4)        Audio (MP3)
5 mins

ROCIS Low-Cost Monitoring Project

Michelle Naccarati-Chapkis
Slides (PDF)       Video (MP4)        Audio (MP3)
7 mins

Impact of Fan/Filter Usage on Particle Counts

Shannon Kovalchick
Slides (PDF)       Video (MP4)        Audio (MP3)
4 mins

What I Learned

Bill Spohn
Slides (PDF)       Video (MP4)        Audio (MP3)
9 mins

Maren’s House

Maren Cooke
Slides (PDF)       Video (MP4)        Audio (MP3)
6 mins