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Our stakeholder meetings are some of the most energizing experiences that we have in our work. This meeting laid out some of the key concepts related to the impact of outdoor pollutants on indoor air quality. We used this opportunity to present a draft white paper focused on multifamily and school buildings in order to get feedback from our diverse stakeholders.


A Public Health Context for the ROCIS Initiative

Norman Anderson, MSPH
Slides (PDF) Video (MP4 – 101MB) Audio (MP3)

In this presentation: (11 mins)

  • Norman Anderson provides an overview of public health and environmental health, addressing especially the key principles, shortcomings, and uncertainties that impact our work and set our standards for air quality and health. 

 Reducing Outdoor Contaminants in Commercial Buildings

Tom Phillips
Slides (PDF) Video (MP4 – 372MB) Audio (MP3)

In this presentation: (37 mins)

  • Tom Phillips addresses the scope of what is known about reducing exposure to outdoor contaminants, with a focus on multifamily and school buildings, and presents key findings on the topic.