Meet the Team

Linda Wigington

ROCIS Team Leader | Waynesburg, PA

Linda Wigington headshot

Linda provides residential energy consulting services through her firm, Linda Wigington & Associates. She is the founder of and has been associated with the Affordable Comfort Conference from its inception in 1986 (when she worked for ACTION-Housing) through 2013. As program director, she convened the program committees and confirmed the agendas for over 50 North American and regional conferences. These events have been instrumental in promoting an integrated approach to health, safety, durability, and energy performance. Linda has been a technical consultant for residential utility programs. She was a founding member of the Passive House Institute U.S. (PHIUS) board of directors (2009) and was a past board member of Community Solutions, based in Yellow Springs, OH, and currently serves on the board of Cornerstone Care, a community health center serving Fayette, Greene, Washington, and Allegheny Counties in southwestern PA. 

Contributions to ROCIS: Linda has led the ROCIS initiative since its inception in June 2014 and has been engaged in the ROCIS Low Cost Monitoring Project since it began in September 2015. Linda manages the ROCIS team, develops the ROCIS stakeholder network, and delivers presentations to both regional and national audiences. She also directs data and analysis efforts and provides oversight for indoor air quality interventions. Linda identifies appropriate interventions, confirms participation with homeowners, and offers continued guidance on monitoring throughout the process.

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