Meet the Team

Donald W. Fugler

ROCIS Air Quality Analyst | Ottawa, Ontario

Don Fugler headshot

Don Fugler spent 25 years conducting research projects for Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), in the areas of residential energy use, ventilation, and indoor air quality. Between 1985 and 2010, he managed over 100 research projects. During that period, he published CMHC research reports, wrote and distributed summaries in Research Highlights and About Your House documents, and lectured at conferences and meetings. Since 2011, Don’s consulting work has addressed indoor air quality and energy issues for federal departments, NGOs, and individuals. He is active on CSA standards committees (carbon monoxide sensors, residential depressurization) and CGSB (radon). 

Contributions to ROCIS: Don helped initiate ROCIS and the Low Cost Monitoring Project through program design and development of the monitoring process participants would follow. He currently concentrates on the house-based factors, such as the entry rate of outdoor pollutants, the distribution of pollutants within the dwelling, the activities within the house that create particles, and the means of reducing the concentrations of particles and other measured pollutants. Don reviews all monitoring data and observations that are submitted through the LCMP and discusses with participants the implications of their results.

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