Meet the Team

Christine Benner Dixon

ROCIS Communications Coordinator | Pittsburgh, PA

Christine Brenner Dixon

Christine Benner Dixon, Ph.D., is a writer, editor, and writing consultant. After spending fifteen years as an English teacher, Christine now helps individuals, nonprofits, and small businesses with their communication and writing needs—anything from creating websites to editing dissertations. She is also an essayist, poet, and award-winning novelist and co-directs adult programming for Write Pittsburgh. For more information about Christine (or to read some of her writing), visit

Contributions to ROCIS: Christine joined the ROCIS team in 2022 to help edit the new ROCIS website and support communication efforts around the Clean Air Chronicles and other ROCIS projects. She first learned about ROCIS when her husband joined an LCMP cohort and came home with an armload of air quality monitors.

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