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Every building has an air exchange with the outdoors. Leaks, open windows, and weather can all impact how much air gets in. As outdoor air makes its way in, it carries particles with it. This pollution can have an enormous impact on health.

ROCIS (Reducing Outdoor Contaminants in Indoor Spaces) is dedicated to monitoring and improving indoor air quality in the homes and workplaces where people spend their time.

The ROCIS Mission

Reduce the impact of exterior environmental pollution in southwestern Pennsylvania to create healthy and energy efficient indoor environments.

Our Work

Find out more about what we've been doing related to air quality, particle pollution, monitoring, in-home solutions, and more.

ROCIS Highlights

ROCIS approaches indoor air quality from many different angles.
These are some of the things we're best known for.

Range Hood; Installation

About Kitchen Range Hoods

Check out this ROCIS issue brief on “Ducted Range Hoods.” Learn best practices for selecting, installing, and operating a quiet and effective hood in both new and existing homes. Consumers and building professionals will find this document useful. If you want to provide better air for your family, it is well worth reading!


Read the Issue Brief

Low Cost Monitoring Project

Join our free Low Cost Monitoring Project (LCMP) to gather data about the air in your home, school, or workplace and test out interventions to reduce pollution exposure. Each month-long cohort provides both indoor/outdoor air quality monitors and expert guidance from the ROCIS team. You could be part of our next cohort!


Learn More about the LCMP

Clean Air Chronicles

Participants in our Low Cost Monitoring Project witness firsthand how outdoor air quality impacts the air inside. As part of our program, they learn what can be done to improve the air in their homes. These short videos capture a few families’ experiences with low-cost monitoring and targeted interventions. Watch their stories and explore other resources related to indoor pollution exposure.

Watch the Clean Air Chronicles