ROCIS Low Cost Monitoring Project

ROCIS Low Cost Monitoring Project

In September 2015, we launched the Low Cost Monitoring Project (LCMP) as part of the ROCIS Initiative. The purpose of the Low Cost Monitoring Project is to explore and clarify the value and applications for low cost monitoring devices to address indoor air quality.

Monitoring kits are loaned for a 3-week period. The kit includes nine devices to measure particles, CO (carbon monoxide), CO2 (carbon dioxide), radon, temperature, and humidity.

The LCMP objectives are to:

      1) Understand How to Use Monitors to Empower Occupants
      2) Collect Baseline Data to Better Understand Outdoor Pollutant
           impacts on Indoor Air Quality
      3) Explore the Impact of Behavioral and Technical Interventions

We are targeting motivated, knowledgeable occupants, many of whom have been involved with the ROCIS initiative activities as energy, sustainability, health, or housing professionals.

To date we have had over 150 individuals participate in 3-week and longer-term monitoring.

If you are interested in participating in the LCMP, contact Linda Wigington,

Please note: This is not a light-weight investment of time. Please review the Participant Expectations.

Refer to the links below for further information about LCMP specifics: 



Cohort 24

Kick-off Meeting - Friday, November 3rd from 1-3pm

Check-in Meeting - Week of November 6th

Online Meeting - Week of November 13th

Wrap-up Meeting - Thursday, November 30th from 1pm-3pm


Cohort 25

Kick-off Meeting - Thursday, December 7th from 1pm-3pm

Check-in Meeting - Week of December 11th

Online Meeting - Week of December 18th

Wrap-up Meeting - Friday, January 5th from 1pm-3pm


Cohort 26

Kick-off Meeting - Thursday, January 11th from 1pm-3pm

Check-in Meeting - Week of January 15th

Online Meeting - Week of January 22nd

Wrap-up Meeting - Friday, February 2nd from 1pm-3pm


Cohort 27

Kick-off Meeting - Thursday, February 8th from 1pm-3pm

Check-in Meeting - Week of February 12th

Online Meeting - Week of February 19th

Wrap-up Meeting - Thursday, March 8th from 1pm-3pm

Check out the presentations from the ROCIS Stakeholder meeting, held Friday, February 26, 2016 Insights from & Implications of the ROCIS Low-Cost Monitoring Project (LCMP)   


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