ROCIS LCMP Participant Expectations

Participant Expectations:
ROCIS Low Cost Monitoring Project

Participation in the kick-off meeting is a requirement. There are 3 additional meetings for each cohort. While not required, participants will gain more if they can attend. Upcoming meeting dates and times are listed below for Cohort 40

Other requirements include having a protected place with power to place one monitor outdoors (on a porch, under a deck, in an out building), and meeting the expectations below.

Being away during part of the monitoring period is not a problem, as it is valuable for us to capture data from unoccupied homes as well as active ones. It is critical that your schedule has some flexibility during the first week so you have time to get the equipment set-up, and to trouble-shoot (with us) any problems that you may encounter.

If you have a schedule conflict or if we are oversubscribed for this round, we can put you on the waiting list for a later cohort.


Prior to Launch

1) Complete ROCIS House Characterization Survey 

2) Join the Home Energy Pros, Low Cost Residential Monitoring online group (2-step process) 

3) Join closed group on Facebook (optional) 

4) Download Smell Pittsburgh App (optional) 

Launch / Orientation

5) Participate in the 2-hour Kick-off meeting, at the Sharpsburg Borough Building (Cohort 40)

6) Place and plug in monitors 

7) Take and upload photos of equipment as set up in monitoring locations 

8) Confirm with us that everything is set up and working 


9) Participate in the 2-hour Check-in meeting, at the Sharpsburg Borough Building (Cohort 40)

10) Participate in the 2-hour Online meeting (week 2 or week 3)

11) Regularly check on each monitor (Daily, 5-7 minutes) 

12) Keep a log of activity in your home/workplace (Daily, 5-7 minutes) 

13) Collect data and upload to ROCIS (Weekly, 15-30 minutes) 

14) Continue to monitor and experiment! (Weeks 2 & 3) 


15) Return equipment & attend the 2-hour Wrap-Up meeting at the Sharpsburg Borough Building (Cohort 40)

16) OPTIONAL – Analyze & share your air quality data and experience during the Wrap-up meeting. 

17) Complete close-out survey 

COHORT 40 will be a community-focused cohort, hosted by the Triboro Ecodistrict. Participation is limited to residents of Millvale, Etna, and Sharpsburg. The meetings will be held at the Sharpbsurg Borough Building

Cohort 41 Kick-off Meeting:
Thur. September 12, 6 - 8 PM
Cohort 41 Check-in Meeting:
Thur. September 19, 6 - 8 PM
Cohort 41 Online Meeting:
Week of September 23; time & date TBD
Cohort 41 Wrap-up Meeting: 
Thur. October 10, 6 - 8 PM

Cohort 41 Interest Survey Here!


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