Past ROCIS Events

Past Presentations by the ROCIS Team

Energy OutWest

August 1–5, 2022


Reducing Outdoor Contaminants in Indoor Homes

Linda Wigington
Presentation Slides (PDF)


Air Handler Interventions

Linda Wigington
Presentation Slides (PDF)


National Home Performance Conference

April 11–14, 2022


Particle Filtration With Central Air Handlers: Folly or Opportunity?
Linda Wigington & Rhett Major
Presentation Slides (PDF)


Decarbonization Debate
Linda Wigington et al.


Insights from the Low Cost Monitoring Project (LCMP)

Presented to SW PA Interfaith Power & Light

January 2022
Linda Wigington
[PDF Here]



ROCIS Low Cost Monitoring Project: Opportunities & Implications
League of Women Voters of Greater Pittsburgh
Sep. 22, 2021
[PDF Here]
Keep a Lid On It: Best Practices for Reducing Cooking Pollution in Homes
EEBA Hybrid High Performance Home Summit 2021
Sep. 14, 2021
[Tom Philips PDF here]



Breakfast Panel  Green Building Alliance Sustainability & Women

June 2021


IAQ Devices: Where, Who, & For What?

Webinar for Passive House California

May 2021

​​Joe Medosh, Linda Wigington, et al.


Particle Filtration With Central Air Handlers: Folly or Opportunity?

Presentation at the National Virtual Home Performance Conference

April 2021

Linda Wigington & Rhett Major


Air Quality Impacts & Challenges: ROCIS LCMP

Presentation for the Green Home Office Lunch & Learn, Pitt Sustainability

March 2021

Emily Dale


Presentation on IAQ Devices for the ​​RESNET Annual Conference (virtual)

February 2021

Joe Medosh, Linda Wigington, et al.


Reducing Exposure to Air Pollution Particles

EHP Expert Panel on Infectious Lung Disease & Air Pollution

February 2021

Don Fugler et al.
[PDF Here]


Making the Connection: Home Hazards

GASP Making the Connection Webinar Series

January 2021

Linda Wigington et al.
[PDF Here]

Keep a Lid on It: Best Practices for Reducing Cooking Pollution in Homes
Dec. 15, 2020 

[Recording here]
[PDF Here]

2020 Home Performance Regional Education Series: New England 
Nov. 13, 2020  
"Particle Filtration With Central Air Handlers: Folly or Opportunity" 
[Linda Wigington's presentation PDF here]
Rhett Major's presentation PDF here]
[Video here]
[Audio recording here]

2020 One Health One Planet Symposium: One Health and the Air We Breathe 
Oct. 19-23, 2020, Phipps Conservatory & Botanical Gardens 
"Session 3: Indoor Air Quality & Health Panel" 
[PDF here]
2020 Virtual National Home Performance Conference
"IAQ Monitoring for Healthier Homes"
2019 Shale and Public Health Conference
"Citizen Science: Indoor Air Monitoring: The ROCIS Experience"
[Link to video of all conference presentations here]
2019 Home Performance Conference
March 29, 2019
"Comfort Basics: Going Beyond the Thermostat Set Point"
[ PDF here ]
2019 National Home Performance Conference 
April 2, 2019, Chicago, IL 
  • "High MERV Filters in Central Air Handlers: Opportunities & Challenges"
    [PDF here]
  • "Using Consumer IAQ Monitors to Create a Healthier Home"
    [PDF here]
2018 ACEEE Conference on Health, Environment & Energy 
December 5, 2018, New Orleans, LA 
"Reducing Household Particles w/ Filtration: Measured Results, Opportunities & Challenges"
Healthy Buildings Summit 2018
IEQ, Remediation, & Restoration: Research to Practice
October 25, 2018, Seven Springs, PA 
"Beyond Dilution - Reducing Exposure to Particle Pollution"
North American Passive House Network 2018 Conference
October 17-21, 2018, Pittsburgh, PA
  • "Healthy Kitchen Ventilation: Best Practices in Low-E Homes"
    Tom Phillips (ROCIS)
    [PDF here]
  • "Beyond Dilution: Reducing Exposure to Particle Pollution in High Performance Homes" 
    - Linda Wigington (ROCIS)
    [PDF here]
2018 HPC National Home Performance Conference
April 23-26, 2018, Philadelphia, PA
  • "High-MERV Filters in Central Air Handlers: Opportunities & Challenges" - Linda Wigington & Rhett Major (ROCIS)
    [PDF here]
  • "What Can You Do With a Consumer IAQ Monitor?" - Brett Singer (LBNL) & Linda Wigington (ROCIS)
    [PDF here]
Federal interagency Committee on Indoor Air Quality (CIAQ)
February 14, 2018
Discussion Topic: Low-cost IAQ monitors for Particulate Matter Indoors
"ROCIS: Low-Cost Particle Monitoring Insights & Interventions"
[PDF here]
Check CIAQ website for additional information
Dry Climate Forum on Home Performance
February 5-7, 2018, Yosemite, CA
"Reducing Indoor Particles with Filtration: Opportunities & Challenges"
[PDF here]

Healthy Building Summit: Research Into Practice
November 2-3, 2017, Seven Springs, PA
"ROCIS's Low Cost Monitoring & Interventions: Insights & Implications" 
[PDF here]
Pittsburgh's Air Quality, Indoor Environments & You
October 25, 2017, Pittsburgh, PA
"ROCIS's Low Cost Monitoring Program:Lessons Learned"
[PDF here]
SCA Fellows Air Quality Training
September 22, 2017, Pittsburgh, PA
"ROCIS: Low Cost Monitoring Project: Insights Interventions, & Implications"
U.S. EPA Smart City Air Challenge Webinar, Data Use in Community Air Quality Projects
September 14, 2017
"ROCIS: Particle Data Explorations & Insights"
[PDF here]
68th Sustainability Salon
September 9, 2017, Pittsburgh
"ROCIS: Low Cost Monitoring Insights & Interventions"
The Air We Breathe: A Regional Summit on Air Pollution & Asthma in Our Community
September 8, 2017, Pittsburgh
"ROCIS: Low Cost Monitoring Insights & Interventions"
DEAWP Meeting (Diagnostic Energy Auditors of Western Pennsylvania)
June 3, 2017, Pittsburgh, PA
"ROCIS High MERV Filter/Air Handler Inquiry: Opportunities & Challenges"
National Home Performance Conference
Linda Wigington Interview By Debra Little
National Home Performance Conference
April 2017, Nashville, TN
Description of the ROCIS LCMP Project and Findings from Interventions
Emphasis on the High MERV Filter / Air Handler Inquiry
[Link to YouTube video here]

Stakeholder Meetings

February 26, 2016

February 27, 2015

September 11, 2014

July 23, 2014


Southwestern Pennsylvania (SWPA) ROCIS FORUM
December 4-5, 2014

Creating Healthy Places: Protecting Indoor Spaces from Outdoor Pollutants



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