Meet the Team



Linda M. Wigington 
ROCIS Team Leader, Waynesburg, PA

Linda provides residential energy consulting services through her firm, Linda Wigington & Associates. She is the founder of and has been associated with the Affordable Comfort Conference from its inception in 1986, (when she worked for ACTION-Housing), through 2013. As program director, she convened the program committees and confirmed the agendas for over 50 North American and regional conferences. These events have been instrumental in promoting an integrated approach to health, safety, durability, and energy performance. Linda has been a technical consultant for residential utility programs. She was a founding member of the Passive House Institute U.S. (PHIUS) board of directors (2009) and is a board member of Community Solutions,based in Yellow Springs, OH, and Corin ption nerstone Care, a community health center serving Fayette, Greene, and Washington Counties in southwestern PA. She has led the ROCIS initiative since its inception in June 2014, and the ROCIS Low Cost Monitoring Project since it began in September 2015.

Donald W. Fugler,
ROCIS Principal Investigator (Residential Sector), Ottawa, Ontario

Don Fugler spent 25 years conducting research projects for Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), in the areas of residential energy use, ventilation, and indoor air quality. Between 1985 and 2010, he managed over 100 research projects. During that period, he published CMHC research reports; wrote and distributed summaries in Research Highlights and About Your House documents and lectured at conferences and meetings. Since 2011, Don’s consulting work has addressed indoor air quality and energy issues for federal departments, NGOs, and individuals. He is active on CSA standards committees (carbon monoxide sensors, residential depressurization) and CGSB (radon). He helped initiate ROCIS and the Low Cost Monitoring Project through program design and development of the monitoring process participants would follow. He currently concentrates on the house-based factors, such as the entry rate of outdoor pollutants, the distribution of pollutants within the dwelling, the activities within the house that create particles, and the means of reducing the concentrations of particles and other measured pollutants. Don reviews all particle data that is submitted and discusses with participants the implications of their results.

Thomas J. Phillips 
ROCIS Principal Investigator (Commercial Buildings & Schools), Davis, CA

Tom has spent over 35 years working at the intersection of research and policy addressing public health, pollution, and buildings. Between 1985 and 2009, he designed and managed research contracts on human exposure to indoor and outdoor pollutants, air cleaning, and building ventilation. He also produced guidelines on indoor combustion pollutants and air cleaners. Since 2010 Tom has served as the principal scientist at Healthy Building Research, where he co-authored a report on IAQ research needs for net zero energy buildings and retrofits in California, and articles on climate change and IAQ. The scope of his consulting work includes healthy and green building design and research, pollution exposure and risk assessment, ventilation and air cleaning, training and communication, and policy and regulation. Tom has served as a technical advisor to national, state, and local agencies, NGOs, and private firms on various IAQ issues, climate change adaptation, and green building programs for homes, schools, and offices.

Greg Fanslow 
ROCIS Principal Investigator (Data Analytics), Burlington, Vermont

Greg Fanslow is a data analytics consultant with decades ofntrticipa experience developing statistical algorithms and computational workflows to leverage “big data” and address real world challenges. He produces data driven insights to catalyze interdisciplinary teams and help decision makers better understand opportunities and rigorously predict future outcomes.

Greg worked for many years at the Vermont Energy Investment Corporation where he led development of methods to use Smart Meter data from hundreds of thousands of accounts to evaluate impacts and improve targeting of energy efficiency programs. He has also worked on many large scale environmental analysis projects, integrating geographic and environmental monitoring data to guide complex management and permitting processes. Most recently he has managed the analysis of one-minute resolution particle data being used as part of the ROCIS Low Cost Monitoring Project. He has also addressed data visualization to to increase the ability of LCMP participants to interpret their data and to compare it with others.

Bill Turner 
ROCIS Consultant (Building Assessment and Interventions), Harrison, Maine  

Bill is the president of his firm, Turner Building Science and Design, LLC., in Harrison, ME. He received his B.S. and M.S. in Engineering from Northeastern University and served for ten years on the research staff of Harvard University School of Public Health. During that time he conducted longitudinal air quality studies inside and outside of homes in six cities, evaluating particles, VOCs, and gases associated with combustion and other sources. Since then, Bill has focused on building science, sustainability, and resilience issues, including energy use, indoor air quality, moisture, building shell design, net zero buildings, building commissioning, and forensic air quality evaluations. His experience includes rebuilding existing homes and other buildings and designing new buildings. He has published and lectured extensively.


Norman Anderson 
ROCIS Project Advisor, Winslow, ME

Norm has over 35 years of environmental public health experience, mostly in the public and nongovernmental sectors.  Specific activities have included: chemical risk assessment/risk assessment policy; air quality advocacy; development and implementation of public health projects including those focused on comprehensive asthma and tobacco prevention and control, indoor air quality, and climate adaptation; and technical and policy support to a variety of community based environmental health initiatives. He is currently an environmental health advisor to the Heinz Endowments,  the Southwest Pennsylvania Environmental Health Project, and GTECH  Strategies.



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