General Resources

California Air Resources Board (CARB) 
(FAQs, health-based guidelines, legislative recommendations, electronic air cleaner regulation, environmental justice, and research studies.)

  1. IAQ and Personal Exposure Program

  2. Schools

  3. Community Health and Environmental Justice

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) (a government primer on all aspects of indoor and outdoor air pollution)

LBNL Indoor Air Quality Scientific Findings Resource Bank at: (a site that looks at IAQ, health, and remedial measures and evaluates current knowledge on these issues)     

National Center for Healthy Homes (a healthy housing website with much information on lead, IAQ, and child health)

National Institute for Standards and Technology, IAQ & Ventilation Group

Whole Building Design Guide

The Drive Toward Healthier Buildings: The Market Drivers and Impact of Building Design and Construction on Occupant Health, Well-Being and Productivity.  
Survey finds medical professionals lack awareness of links between health and the built environment.  Medical, construction, and human resource professionals and buildings owners (residential and nonresidential sectors) were surveyed about health and wellness in buildings.  Homeowners were more concerned with the energy savings and aesthetics than the health impacts of their home.  The best investment types and metrics related to health are also discussed. The report recommends several actions to drive investment in healthy buildings are presented.

McGraw Hill Construction, 2014.

Indoor Air Pollution: Introduction for Health Professionals.
Handy summary of health symptoms, signs, and health effects for health professionals. The quick reference table on symptoms, by pollutant class, and questions for use in patient intake and medical history, are especially helpful in identifying potential indoor and outdoor pollutant sources. It does not include some newer issues such as endocrine disruptor compounds and semivolatile organic compounds(see attached slides).  

American Lung Association et al., 1994., HTML and PDF versions.

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