Research Results

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Pollutant sensor research in Europe  

Publications, presentations, and newsletters are available for multinational research and demonstration projects.

Presentation  EuroNanoForum, June 2015  


Climate change: Review of overheating of buildings, passive survivability, and indoor heat health indices
Holmes et al., read more, 2015. (copy available on request)\

Climate change impacts on U.S. indoor and outdoor air quality and health
APHA (American Public Health Association) 2015 (abstracts)
Sarofim et al., Indoor & Outdoor Air Quality Modeling, Lyme Disease Modeling
Limaye and Patz, Interactive Modeling Ozone and Extreme Heat Impact on Mortality in Eastern U.S. 
Sarofim et al., Projected Heat and Cold Deaths in 209 Cities

Epidemiological studies of wildfire impacts on health

Liu et al., 2015. Review  (also see Related Studies links)

Thalen et al., 2013   San Diego fire impacts

SENSIndoor: a new indoor VOC sensor R&D program in the EU
The program started in 2014, and aims to develop novel nanotechnology based intelligent sensor systems for selective monitoring of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). The primary application of the sensors will be to control ventilation systems in indoor environments. Initial results indicate parts per billion sensitivity for some VOCs. Publications, presentations, and newsletters are available here


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