Clairton Home Air Filter Distribution Program

Clairton Home Air Filter Distribution Program


A collaborative effort by Clean Air Council, Clean Water Action, Clean Water Fund, Community Partners in Asthma Care, Cornerstone Care Inc., One PA, ROCIS, Valley Clean Air Now (VCAN) & Women for a Healthy Environment, funded by The Heinz Endowments.




A coalition of organizations working in the City of Clairton have established a free program to provide portable air cleaners for 40 Clairton homes to reduce exposure to outdoor and indoor air pollution.  

Portable air cleaners may offer some protection against the harmful effects of air pollution.

Priority households for this project are those with preexisting health conditions, especially respiratory and cardiovascular, in addition to households with pregnant women, children, and elderly.  Additional funding is being pursued. Over 289 applications were received; there is clearly great need and interest!

New!  Summary of portable air cleaner performance with pre-post particle monitoring results from the Clairton Residential Air Filter Distribution Program (Preliminary draft).  [PDF Here]


The ROCIS team will be providing portable air cleaners to selected households in July of 2020 and providing support to increase their effective use. 


Investigate resources that help to determine the condition of the outdoor air, in real time. These help answer the question, "When should I open my windows to bring fresh air in?"

The EPA provides consumers information on using a portable air cleaner and/or upgrading the air filtration in your HVAC system.

Portable Air Cleaner Product Information

Winix D360


Austin HealthMate Plus (HM450)


Austin HealthMate Junior Plus (HM250)

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