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June 20, 2017 EPA Committee on Indoor Air Quality | Indoor Particle Mitigation
Presentation by William Fisk and Rengie Chan from the indoor Environment Group out of Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory on the benefits and costs of reducing premature mortality with improved particle filtration in buildings



February 10-11, 2016 National Academy of Sciences | Health Effects of Indoor Exposure to Particulate Matter
A page for Archived materials of the two day workshop; videos, presentaitons, PDFs, etc.


July 9, 2015 EPA Community Air Monitoring training?
EPA webinar on using low cost monitors by citizens and communities.  
The podcast, slides, and resource materials from the webinar are posted here

2015 EPA Vapor Intrusion Guidelines released
July 22, 2015 updates on protecting buildings from soil gases.


EPA Tools for Schools: IAQ & health webinars
Access webinars on demand here 



Children’s Environmental Health information  

Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Units are located in all regions of the U.S. These units are available to answer questions from healthcare professionals, parents, school officials, or other community members about children's symptoms that may be related to regionally specific environmental exposures, including exposures at schools. More here.



GO3 Project
Citizen and student science tools and curricula: ozone, black carbon, CO2



Legionnaires’ disease and cooling towers standards and guidelines

Background health information and related links.
Cooling tower drift management, best practices: Cooling Tower Institute, 2008, Legionellosis Guideline: Best Practices for Control of Legionella (WTP-148)



OSHA workplace air quality standards
PDF of info here.


Scholarships and other resources for PA environmental education 

Pennsylvania  Association of Environmental Educators.

Scholarship application deadlines vary.


EPA Environmental Justice Blog
Updates, funding opportunities, and activities on the EJ 2020 Action Agenda. Click here.

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