ROCIS February 27, 2015 Stakeholders Meeting

Next Steps: Western PA Initiatives to Reduce Outdoor Contaminants in Indoor Spaces

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Outcomes:

   1) Identify others who share specific common initiative/project interests
   2) Clarify barriers and opportunities in moving initiatives forward
   3) As an individual and/or an organization, commit to taking three actions
       in the next three months


Low Cost Monitors: Empowerment, Limitations, & Potential

Part 1: Monitoring in Three Easy Steps 

   - Don Fugler, Linda Wigington, ROCIS (note: due to onsite technical difficulties, the beginning of Don's presentation was re-recorded)

    Slides (PDF)        Video (MP4)           Audio (MP3)


Part 2: Update on the Speck Monitor

   - Michael David Taylor, CMU CREATE lab  

     Slides (PDF)        Video (MP4)        Audio (MP3)


Mapping Air Quality: Insights from the Mobile Lab, the Breathemobile  

   - Albert Presto, CMU

     Slides (PDF)       Video (MP4)        Audio (MP3)


ROCIS Stakeholder Updates: Lightning Round   (Video)


The meeting was held at:

CLASS (Community Living and Support Services),
United Cerebral Palsy
1400 S. Braddock Ave.
Pittsburgh PA  15218

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