ROCIS Radon Insights

Through the ROCIS Low-Cost Monitoring Project, participants receive monitors to test radon for a month or longer.  AirThings radon monitors provide a viewable display and show 1-day, long-term averages (up to one year), and 7-day averages.  We ask folks to place the monitors in the basement and first floor.  Participants take daily readings of the results and share their data with the ROCIS team. 




ROCIS is often asked to be a featured partner in various presentation settings, both in person regionally or via the web. You can find a list of these presentations in our Past Events section. We are continually uploading previous presentations, so check back to our Past Events page, or here in our blog to periodically see what's new.


Take a look at a piece from Green Workplace Challenge winners (and ongoing LCMP participants) Millvale Community Library

Sustainability intern Kelli Williams gives a breakdown of some of the various air quality and ROCIS-related steps they to win their 2017 awards. 

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