12/23/19 - Put a Lid on It: Clean Air in Your Kitchen
Put a Lid on It: Clean Air in Your Kitchen
When folks use low cost particle sensors or just their sense of smell, the biggest impressions are often the incidents that cause the biggest response... like roasting meat, frying, grilling, or baking. The toxic fumes, odors, and moisture from cooking can quickly spread throughout the home and linger for hours. Health-wise, it's important to recognize and reduce the frequency and intensity of these events, even for electric stoves.
Fortunately, extensive research has shown how you can reduce the impacts of cooking on indoor air and health. This information is summarized in the 2019 update of the ROCIS ISSUE BRIEF, Ducted Range Hoods: Recommendations for New and Existing Homes . This document summarizes best practices for selecting, installing, and operating a quiet and effective range hood. It also includes practical tips for reducing pollutant emissions from cooking itself, along with additional resources and design tools. Consumers, interior designers, and building professionals will find it useful. If you want to provide healthy indoor air for your family or clients, it is well worth reading and sharing!
Learn more about the health concerns and effective kitchen ventilation:

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