11/16/17 - Millvale Community Library Green Workplace Challenge review


Take a look at a piece from Green Workplace Challenge winners (and ongoing LCMP participants) Millvale Community Library

Sustainability intern Kelli Williams gives a breakdown of some of the various air quality and ROCIS-related steps they to win their 2017 awards. 

Follow the link to Kelli's blog about MCL's overall experience and participation in Sustainable Pittsburgh's incentive program, recently renamed to Sustainable Pittsburgh Challenge.

Through air quality related tasks the Millvale Community Library received over 100 points! Examples of the actions related to ROCIS and air quality are as follows:

Monitor indoor particulate matter levels in your office space: 5 points
Monitor indoor carbon monoxide levels in your office space: 5 points
Monitor indoor radon levels in your office space: 5 points
Monitor indoor carbon dioxide levels in your office space: 5 points

Participate in a ROCIS cohort: 10 points
Participate in more than one ROCIS cohort (for home or office): 10 bonus points
Sharing data/discussing data collected during ROCIS cohort: 4 points (such as email exchanges from Don every week discussing the dylos data)
Sharing data with the community (such as in newsletters, power points, etc.): 4 points

Explore the Environmental Health Channel, an interactive web-based platform for sharing citizen-collected environmental and health data as well as personal narratives.  Air quality experts, health care professionals and computer programmers designed this interactive website so you can explore a database of air quality measurements and self-reported health symptoms. More information available here:   http://envhealthchannel.org/

Writing an Air Quality improvement plan: 5 points (ROCIS helped a lot with suggestions during our monitoring periods at the library)

Advocate for better air quality in your neighborhood: 5 points (again ROCIS data and suggestions really helped with this action)

The library also received two air quality ribbons in its participation. Ribbons are worth 25 points each and are awarded based on a certain set of actions being completed together. ROCIS participation and monitoring was directly related to one of these ribbons and the other was based on banning the use of certain chemicals (VOCs and Red List items) in the cleaning and maintenance of the library.

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